Celium wireless sensor networks are designed to accommodate a wide variety of monitoring applications across a range of sectors. By integrating numerous sensors and monitoring instruments, Celium can deliver timely and actionable data to many types of projects, from just about anywhere.

One Network – countless opportunities.

Celium PestNet

Celium _ Biosecurity

The founding objective of the Celium Network is countering the damage inflicted on fragile ecosystems by invasive animal pests and predators.

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Celium GeoNet

Celium _ Geotechnical

Out of the box and custom-built solutions for remote monitoring and alerting on parameters such as deformation, tilt, impact and pore water pressure.

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Celium Water

Celium _ Water

Cost-effective real-time monitoring of water resources and associated infrastructure – from water troughs to hydro-electric dam spillways.

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Celium StormNet

Celium _ Environment

Celium has many environmental applications from monitoring CO2 levels in schools, snow depth in high alpine environments to rainfall and soil moisture.

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Celium SafetyNet

Celium _ Safety

Celium provides visibility, alerting and assurance for remote environments and public areas where health and safety risks are ever-present.

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Celium AgriNet

Celium _ Primary Production

Celium can save precious hours in the primary sector by delivering actionable real-time information from even the most remote landscapes.

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