We’re proud of the work that we do in the space where conservation and technology meet – both at home in New Zealand and further afield. We strive to bring an element of care for the environment and its more fragile species to every project that we undertake – even when it’s not the primary focus. Browse the stories below to see how we enable remote monitoring for various organisations and industries.

Featured Story

Saving central Otago’s endangered skinks

Humanely removing predators helps DOC preserve the endangered Grand and Otago skinks.

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Other Success Stories


Controlling predators for Arid Recovery

The never-ending battle to keep an outback reserve predator-free and save an iconic marsupial.

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Kangaroo Island Dunnart

Saving Kangaroo Island’s Dunnarts

Using live-trap monitoring to give Kangaroo Island Dunnarts a fighting chance.

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piwauwau/rock wren

Protecting Makarora’s Pīwauwau

New Zealand’s Pīwauwau or South Island Rock Wren gets its own special protection detail.

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road sign with celium hubs

Keeping transport corridors safer

Monitoring environmental parameters to keep road users safe.

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Brushtail possum

Protecting biodiversity – the smart way

Using technology to help preserve Otagoʻs precious taonga.

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Augmenting traps to optimise volunteer time

Super-powering a community-based ecosystem restoration project.

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Earthwork monitoring

Infrastructure construction monitoring

Augmenting existing instruments to monitor rising water levels in roadworks.

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Nelson Lakes Kea

Cats vs Keas … Kākā, Kiwi, Kākāriki…

Helping the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project protect wildlife in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

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