Encounter Solutions delivers cost-effective wireless sensor networks designed specifically for monitoring and control across remote landscapes.

The backbone of our solutions is Celium – a low-power, long-range wireless platform underpinned with market-leading narrowband technology. Celium is robust, easy to deploy, and can be used in a range of applications spanning the conservation, biosecurity, primary production and construction sectors.

Our Solutions

Celium PestNet

Celium _ Biosecurity

The founding objective of the Celium Network is countering the damage inflicted on fragile ecosystems by invasive animal pests and predators.

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Celium GeoNet

Celium _ Geotechnical

Out of the box and custom-built solutions for remote monitoring and alerting on parameters such as deformation, tilt, impact and pore water pressure.

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Celium Water

Celium _ Water

Cost-effective real-time monitoring of water resources and associated infrastructure – from water troughs to hydro-electric dam spillways.

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Celium StormNet

Celium _ Environment

Celium has many environmental applications from monitoring CO2 levels in schools, snow depth in high alpine environments to rainfall and soil moisture.

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Celium SafetyNet

Celium _ Safety

Celium provides visibility, alerting and assurance for remote environments and public areas where health and safety risks are ever-present.

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Celium AgriNet

Celium _ Primary Production

Celium can save precious hours in the primary sector by delivering actionable real-time information from even the most remote landscapes.

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Passionate about Conservation

We are passionate about biodiversity and working with communities towards their conservation goals.

The heart of Encounter Solutions’ system, the Celium Network, has already been deployed on islands, in forests, in the desert, around lakes and wetlands, in coastal areas, over steep topography, amongst stock on productive farmland and in urban areas. Each month Celium networks transmit thousands of messages for conservation programmes managed by private, non-profit, council and government organisations in New Zealand and Australia. These networks enable pest control teams to more efficiently and effectively manage the fight against invasive animal pests in their environments.

Our Success Stories


Controlling predators for Arid Recovery

The never-ending battle to keep an outback reserve predator-free and save an iconic marsupial.

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Kangaroo Island Dunnart

Saving Kangaroo Island’s Dunnarts

Using live-trap monitoring to give Kangaroo Island Dunnarts a fighting chance.

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piwauwau/rock wren

Protecting Makarora’s Pīwauwau

New Zealand’s Pīwauwau or South Island Rock Wren gets its own special protection detail.

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Otago Skink

Saving central Otago’s endangered skinks

Humanely removing predators helps DOC preserve the endangered Grand and Otago skinks.

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Brushtail possum

Protecting biodiversity – the smart way

Using technology to help preserve Otagoʻs precious taonga.

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Augmenting traps to optimise volunteer time

Super-powering a community-based ecosystem restoration project.

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Nelson Lakes Kea

Cats vs Keas … Kākā, Kiwi, Kākāriki…

Helping the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project protect wildlife in the Nelson Lakes National Park.

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